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What is Track Selling?

Track Selling is the premier sales training system developed and proven over more than 50 years by Roy E. Chitwood of MaxSacks International.

A Step by Step Selling System

" Simply put, everyone gets something from this program "
The Track Selling System™ takes you through the 7 steps of the sales process, from the first approach with your prospect, to following up and cementing the sale after the close. Although this 7 step procedure is structured, it is not a "canned" system. It is completely adaptable to your personality and every sales situation. It has been tested for over 50 years with hundreds of thousands of graduates and it works.

Sales Integrity

" The bottom line in business is that nothing happens without a sale "
Most departments cost money, sales brings in the dollars. How important do you think it is to have the very best sales professionals possible on your team? The Track Selling System™ is a scientifically proven method to negotiate a sale with integrity and honesty, where there is a win win for all parties involved.

The Track Sales Procedure

" When selling becomes a procedure is ceases to be a problem.
If it is not a procedure it will always be a problem. "