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There are many helpers for writing the ideal resume, but what happens once you are in the door and in the hot seat?

The Track System™ is ideally suited to interview for employment. Studies have shown that the primary decision on whether you are suitable for the position occurs in the first 12 seconds. That is, if you cannot survive the first impression you WILL NOT SURVIVE the interview.

The Track System™ is not a set of canned responses, it is a procedure that is applicable to each and every job interview you will ever do, for any and every job possible.

When you know how to get ready for the interview, and know how to present yourself appropriately for the position, you will be the successful candidate.

The Track Selling System™ online course is an adult self directed course.

The Track Selling System™, is the precise, step by step scientific procedure that covers all the points in the selling process, from the first approach to the close and follow-up, this system leaves nothing to chance.

Behind this procedure is an ethical philosophy – a win/win philosophy that you can rely on when you need to make a decision, that serves the customer well. It works when you are in sales for your company, your self, within an organization, or as a CEO or manager or for the Board of Directors, and even in your personal life.

It is the key to becoming more than a salesperson – it will help you to grow into an accomplished sales professional capable of creating a solid sense of career continuity and multiple repeat sales in an otherwise tumultuous economic climate.